T-10, the best Barcelona ticket for public transport (if you don’t want to purchase tourist card)

If you travel to Barcelona for a short stay and don’t want to spend money on regular tourist cards like Barcelona Card or Hola BCN card, the best way for getting around the city is T-10 ticket

What is T-10 ticket?

It is not travel card or tourist pass, it’s just regular ticket for public transport.

The ticket offers you 10 rides for great price. Another big benefit is that the ticket can be used by multiple people in the group (see below).

Types of transport covered in the ticket

T-10 travel ticket covers all means of public transport available in Barcelona:

  • metro
  • buses
  • trams
  • trains
  • funicular (yep–both two of them!)

How does it work?

Once you buy the ticket from any ticket machine (If you come to Barcelona by the plane, you can do it at the airport–there are machines available), you have your 10 rides that can be used for any type of public transport. T-10 ticket itself is just a paper card that you validate once you go through the turnstile in the metro or put it in the ticket marker on the bus.

From the moment you validate the ticket and start your ride, you have 75 minutes to get where you need. This is enough time even for longer journeys as everything in the Barcelona center is reachable by public transport in 10 to 40 minutes.

If you buy T-10 ticket for more zones than 1 (see below), the time for your journey expands for 15 minutes with every zone you purchase. Example: for Zone 1 you have 75 minutes, for Zone 2 there’s 90 minutes, Zone 3 has 105 and so on.

With the T-10 ticket you can do as many transfers as you need but all of them must be within 75 minutes which is the maximum for 1 ride in Zone 1. So yes, even if you change from metro to a bus, train or tram, it is still considered as 1 ride.

T-10 is great choice for couple or families

When a group of people is coming to Barcelona, T-10 ticket can be a smart choice for them as there’s no need to buy multiple tickets if they plan only a few rides. One T-10 ticket can be bought and used by multiple people in the group.

In practice it works that way that you validate the T-10 ticket multiple times according to the number of the people in the group. So for example if you are a couple, with T-10 you both can have 5 rides.

How to tell how many rides left?

An entry about every single ride you take is marked on the back side of the ticket – when you pass through the turnstile or when you validate it in the ticket marker, there will be information about your journey printed. The most useful info is that how many rides you have left because when you transfer, you can have multiple records for one ride.

What else you should know
  • Beware, the T-10 ticket is not valid for aerobuses and neither L9 metro from the airport to city center is not covered. (If you want use the ticket from the airport, you can take only the train or bus).
  • If you leave the metro station and then you come back, a new ride will be started.
  • There is more multi-person/multi-journey tickets. If you travel in large group (or just 10 rides is not enough for you), you can get T-50 or even T-70. With them you can have 50 or 70 rides on public transport. But keep in mind the ticket is then valid only for 1 month. For more info about these tickets visit TMB website.

Price of T-10 ticket

The cost of the T-10 ticket in Barcelona is €9,95. This price is valid for ticket that can be used in Zone 1, which covers city center and even can be used for your transport from the airport to the city center.

If you want to learn more about zones in Barcelona, visit the page where I listed all of them.

There’s option to buy T-10 ticket for other zones than 1 but if you are tourist planning to visit only the city center, in most of the cases it wouldn’t be worth the money.

Where to buy T-10 ticket?

There are multiple locations available, but the safest is to buy the ticket in any vending machine in the city (available for example at large metro stations).

As mentioned above, if you arrive by a plane, the I highly recommend to buy it at the airport.

It is not possible to buy T-10 ticket online.

If you need guidance on how to purchase it from the machine, here’s video capturing the whole process.

For more information visit TMB.cat site.