Barcelona Card

Barcelona Card is the city’s official and the most popular travel card for tourists visiting to Barcelona.

What is included in Barcelona Card?

  • Free, unlimited travel on public transport
  • Free entry to selected museums (with skip-the-line option)
  • Great discounts for admissions, tours, attractions, restaurants shops and more.

The complete list of all discounts and benefits included in Barcelona Card

This card can be purchased for 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days. (For shorter stays I recommend to purchase Barcelona Card Express or T-10 ticket for public transport).


The price of the card depends on how for many days you would like to use it. Currently you can buy Barcelona Card for 3, 4 or 5 days.

  • Barcelona Card 3 days:
    45€ for adult
    21€ for child (4–12 years)
  • Barcelona Card 4 days:
    55€ for adult
    27€ for child (4–12 years)
  • Barcelona Card 5 days:
    60€ for adult
    32€ for child (4–12 years)

How does it work?

Once you buy the card and have it in your hand (see below how to buy it and pick it up), all you need to do is to activate the card.

The card itself has no date on it so it is completely up to you when you decide to use it for the first time. Once you do that you have to write date and time to the special space on the front of the card. The card is valid from the first time you use it in a public transport or at the attraction where you have to show it to get free admission or a discount.

Where to buy Barcelona Card?

You can buy the card online through official Barcelona Turisme website or in any tourist office in the city. I strongly recommend to purchase it online as it is more convenient and you get a 10 % discount as well.

If I purchase the card online, how I get it?

Once you purchase the card online, you have two options how to get the card physically as it has no electronic form.

  1. Pick it up at any Barcelona Turisme office

    If you arrive to Barcelona by a plane, you can pick your card up at the airport. Yes, there’s Barcelona Turisme office and I consider it as the best location for getting your card.

    If you come to the Barcelona by different mean of transport or you just simply can’t pick it up at the Barcelona airport, you can visit any Barcelona Turisme office or information point.

  2. Have it mailed to your home

    When purchasing Barcelona Card through official Barcelona Turisme eshop you can select that you want to send the card to your home postal address. This is good for some people as they prefer to have the card physically before their journey begins.

    But wait–what about the card validity?
    As I mentioned above, the card itself has no indication of a date and you can start using it any day you want–you just need to write down on the card the date of the day you would like to begin your journey. Simple as that!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What types of public transport can I use with Barcelona Card?
A: You can use metro, trams, trains, buses and even funicular. But you can use all these means of transport only in Zone 1.

Q: Can I use this card for tourist buses (Bus Turistic)?
A: No, if you want to use tourist buses you need to purchase special Bus Turistic pass.

Q: Does Barcelona Card includes admission to Sagrada Familia?
A: No. If you want card with admission to this attraction, consider purchasing Barcelona Pass which includes Sagrada Familia.

Q: Does Barcelona Card includes admission to Picasso Museum?
A: No. But if you are into art museums, you can buy in addition to Barcelona Card separate Articket Barcelona pass which includes free admission to Picasso Museum (and 5 other best city’s museums).

Q: Can more people use one card? 
A: No. Barcelona Card is for individual use and is not transferable.

Comparison with other travel cards

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