Comparison: Barcelona Card vs T-10 ticket

In this article I’m going to compare Barcelona Card and T-10 ticket.

Barcelona Card basics

  • Barcelona Card is the most popular travel/tourist card that you can get in Barcelona
  • When you purchase it, you are able to travel around the city by public transport for free
  • If you have the card you can visit (mostly) museums and other tourist sights for free
  • You’ll get a lot of discounts to shops, restaurants, sights etc.
  • The card is valid between 3-5 days and can be used only by one person
  • The price for Barcelona Card starts at €45
Should you consider Barcelona Card?

Get Barcelona Card if you want to have all the tourist benefits, visits museums, sights, attractions and get discounts for various experiences Barcelona offers.

For more detailed info about the card and how it works read my article.

T-10 ticket basics

  • T-10 ticket is regular public transport ticket, it’s not a tourist card.
  • It is valid only for public transport (metro, train, bus, tram, funicular) and there are no special benefits
  • As the name indicates, T-10 covers 10 rides by public transport for you
  • Single T-10 ticket can be used by individuals or couples, families or bigger groups of people
  • The T-10 price is only €9,95 which means less than 1 euro for 1 ride
Should you consider T-10 ticket?

T-10 ticket is great if you know you will not travel around the city a lot and don’t need any tourist extras. Or if you are on the budget and need some inexpensive option for public transport. Or if you plan to purchase Bus Touristic pass and need to cover the travels by public transport (which is not included in Bus Turistic).

More information about T-10 can be found in detailed article.