Review of Barcelona Card – is it worth it?

In this article you’ll find my personal review of Barcelona Card. If you need more basic info about card, its details, benefits, prices and so on, please go to the Barcelona Card description page.

My Barcelona Card review

Last year when I was exploring various travel cards available in Barcelona, I found the Barcelona City card as the most promising. It offered unlimited rides for public transport, free entries to sights and even a lot of discounts for shops, restaurants etc. I needed something universal and this tourist card looked like the one I should have for my stay.

Great tourist card for weekend trips

I went to Barcelona for a short trip which took me 3 days (Friday–Sunday) so I decided to purchase Barcelona Card for 3 days which price was 45 Euro. This option is the shortest, but you can get a travel card for 4 or 5 consecutive days.

You can buy this BCN travel card either online or in a tourist shop in the city. I went for the online option as I wanted to use it for my journey from Barcelona airport to the city center (which is covered by card as well).

How to buy Barcelona card?

I simply went to the official Barcelona Turisme website where you can easily select the Barcelona Card variant that fits your needs (3, 4 or 5 days). As I said above, I selected 3 days.

Ordering process is smooth – you just click “Purchase”, select preferred option, which for me was City Card 72 hours adult (they have it in hours – I don’t know why), then I added it to the basket, continued again, added some of my details and paid for the travel card with my credit card. In a few seconds you get confirmation for the purchase to your e-mail.

Collection of the card at the airport

As it is required to pick the card up from any Barcelona Turisme tourist office, I decided the best option for me will be to get it at the Barcelona El Prat airport as I planned to arrive by plane. To do this all you need to do is to show up at the office, tell the officer your name & show some ID and you’ll get the card. Easy!

Before the first use you have to activate the card and write down the date of the first day you plan to use it. I entered the same day and time of the day I arrived to the airport. With this you are free to go to the train which takes you from airport to the Barcelona city center what is great as you don’t have to spend a penny for this ride!

Is Barcelona Card worth it?

And now let’s discuss the most important thing of this little review – is Barcelona Card worth it or not? For me the answer is easy – yes, it is! Actually I consider it as the best travel card for tourists coming to Barcelona for shorter stays.

When you should get the card:

  • you plan to travel around the city by public transport, a lot
  • you don’t mind little walking as the card is not valid for tourist buses and sometimes the attraction is not so close to the stop/station.
  • you are into museums – a lot of them is covered by card (for example Picasso museum) and you have a free entry to them (see the complete list of all Barcelona Card benefits)
  • you don’t mind that the major attractions like Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló or La Pedrera are not included – you only get small discount for the ticket with this card
  • you plan to visit restaurants and shops – then all these discounts will be very useful for you

To put it simply: if you plan to use public transport several times a day, visit 2-3 museums or other included attractions during your trip and do some shopping or try local food in restaurants included, you’ll get the great value from this tourist card.

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