Review of Barcelona Card Express – is it worth it?

This article is summary of my personal experience with Barcelona Card Express. For more basic and factual information about this card you can go to the Barcelona Card Express description page.

Why I wrote this review?

People often asks me about tourist cards that are available in the Barcelona city. They have specific questions about travel cards, which is the best and so on, so I decided to make a review for the best tourist cards for 2 days in the city.

Is BCN Card Express good for me?

The most popular Barcelona Card is great but it’s not for everyone. In the past, there was no travel card or other option for people arriving to the city just for the weekend. So the Barcelona Card Express was born. 

As the card is available only for 2 days (there’s no 1 day only option), I always recommend this card for people coming to Barcelona for the weekend or any other similar short stay.

Benefits of the card

If you compare Barcelona Card Express with regular Barcelona Card, you quickly notice its offering is not the same–you don’t have the same benefits only for the shorter time. What’s missing is the most attractive part of the original package: free admissions to museums, sightseeings and other attractions with skip the line option.

Barcelona Card Express comes only with this:
  • Unlimited rides on public transport
  • Discounts to museums, shops, restaurants etc.
Discounts that comes with this card:
  • €1 discount for Sagrada Familia
  • €3 discount for Casa Batlló
  • 20% discount for Casa Amatller
  • 20% discount for Casa Mila (La Pedrera)
  • 20% discount for Fundació Joan Miró
  • 25% discount for Palau Güell
  • 20% discount for Zoo de Barcelona
  • 20% discount for L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

See complete list of all Barcelona Card Express discounts

The price for the card is €18 which is quite good in comparison with at least €45 that you pay for classic Barcelona Card.

As with other travel cards you can buy Barcelona Card Express online from Barcelona Turisme (Turisme de Barcelona) website and pick it up at the airport which is the option I prefer every time I come to Barcelona.

Final verdict

On one hand I don’t like the fact you have to purchase all the admissions by yourself as they are not included in the card. On the other hand there’s fair price and all the discounts you get.

So, should you get it? Well, it all depends on how many attractions you plan to see and whether the discount for them is included in this card.

I recommend you to calculate the prices for admissions and decided after this. From my experience for some people it is much better to get Hola Barcelona Card or even T-10 ticket to have only the transport covered and they buy individual admissions separately.